So often in my mind,

I am in my school,

I don't want to stray from it!

I wander down its hallway,

thinking how it looks so lonely.

The school is silent,

saying nothing,

There is silence in it

heavy and nauseating.

All its eyes are closed,

because it knows,

no-one will come.

I've never seen it cleaner,

I've never seen it calmer.

I’m not happy to see it that way,

I wish it was different,

just the way it was before,

when we were inside

and making a mess.

I want the previous years back,

to run to school every day,

to look at the clock to see,

if I get to school in time.

I want to go to school,

run barefoot down the halls

and meet familiar faces

in front of the classroom doors.

I want the familiar building

to be my school again.

My room is a lonely classroom.

I want us all to sit together again,

to hear each other breath

and look at each in the eyes.

I'm sure we have all realised

how much we need each other

and that we are stronger,

when we are together!

Kristijan Milenković, 8.b

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